Start-Ups in Physical Education and Sports

By Chirag Patel (The author is the Chief Executive Officer of KOOH Sports. He took the first step of attempting to make a social impact by investing and then taking active part in the development of KOOH Sports. With over two decades of international experience in various industries he brings the strategic and execution capability to … Continue reading Start-Ups in Physical Education and Sports

The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

We have all heard about how childhood obesity has become an epidemic. So it is important we know about it's effects, causes and what can be done about it.

Cricket Fitness

By John Gloster (The author is the Chief Quality Officer of KOOH Sports. He is an Australian sports physiotherapist with 24 years of experience, working with both elite athletes and the general sporting population. He has worked extensively with international cricket for the last 17 years, most notably as physiotherapist to the Indian Cricket Team (2004-2008) as well as Surrey … Continue reading Cricket Fitness

Use of Analytics in Sports

By Dhwaneel Shah (The author is an avid sports fan. He has a Bachelor's degree in the field of Commerce. He loves using statistics and analytics in sports). Winning in team sports is a priority of the owners, managers and coaches. Decisions such as which players to buy, sell, trade, develop and which system to … Continue reading Use of Analytics in Sports

11 habits you should start following from World Health Day

  1. Eat 2 Fruits and 5 Vegetables Everyday Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables not only contributes to good health, but also protects against a number of diseases and helps maintain healthy weight. 2. Stop Eating When You Are Almost Full Our brain takes a while before it knows that we have had enough … Continue reading 11 habits you should start following from World Health Day

Energy Systems and Sports

By Karan Khurana (The author is the QTCC [Quality, Training, Curriculum & Coach Engagement] head at KOOH Sports. He has more than 7 years of experience in the corporate sector with roles cutting across Strategy, M&A, Business Advisory, Business Development and Operations Management. Karan had assisted the Divisional Strategy and M&A team at Serco and … Continue reading Energy Systems and Sports

The Person before the Player

I've always believed in the power of sport, but I never believed I'd witness sport so powerful than the way it can engage and captivate a child, to help shape the person that they are tomorrow. We all have a first memory of either observing or participating in sport, and those early encounters help shape our attitude towards physical participation.

Live your dream. Every day.

By Apurva S Desaii (The author is the Cricket Performance Director at KOOH Sports. He is a former First Class cricketer from Gujarat. He is a BCCI Level C Coach with 15 years of coaching experience. For last 5 years, he has been a batting coach for National Cricket Academy (NCA)/BCCI age group camps and … Continue reading Live your dream. Every day.