11 habits you should start following from World Health Day


1. Eat 2 Fruits and 5 Vegetables Everyday

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables not only contributes to good health, but also protects against a number of diseases and helps maintain healthy weight.

3 fruits and 5 vegetables-01

2. Stop Eating When You Are Almost Full

Our brain takes a while before it knows that we have had enough to eat. It is best to stop eating when we are feeling almost full. Most probably we will feel fully satiated in a few minutes and this will avoid us from over-eating.

85 full-01

3. Avoid All Forms of Sugar such as cakes, desserts and chocolates

Added sugar contains “empty” calories which provides no nutrition. It affects the liver, causes insulin resistance and develops sugar addiction. It is advisable to switch to natural sources of sugar such as Fruits (fructose).

all forms of sugar-01

4. Have a Balanced Diet with right proportion of Carbs, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals

A Balanced diet is imperative for proper nutrition. It is essential for growth and development of both our brain and body.

balanced diet-01

5. Eat Slowly and Enjoy Your Food

Chewing food properly is a very important step in digestion. It makes it easier for our intestines to absorb all the nutrients. It also helps us to savour the taste of our favourite food and leads to improved feeling of satiety.

enjoy your food-01

6. Drink Atleast 8 Glasses of Water Daily

Every system in our body depends on water, even mild dehydration can hamper normal functioning of our body and leaves us feeling tired.

glass water-01

7. Eat a Big Healthy Breakfast Before You Start School

Breakfast replenishes our supply of glucose and other essential nutrients as we break our night long fast with this meal. It keeps us active all day and improves our concentration.


8. Pre Plan and Pack Home Cooked Meals

Cooking meals at home is a great way of reducing intake of salt, sugar, trans fats and preservatives (which are found in abundance in processed foods and restaurant meals).

home coocked meals-01

9. Eat Lots of Green Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are full of fiber, vitamins and minerals that helps protect us from heart disease, diabetes, and perhaps even cancer.

lots of green veg-01

10. Do Not Have Soft Drinks With Your Meals

Soft drinks do not make you feel full even though they are filled with sugar, and are thus highly linked to weight gain. All this extra sugar is eventually turned into fat in the body.

meal and soft drinks-01

11. Do Not Have Processed Foods and Drinks

Processed foods and drinks have high amount of sugar and salts which makes it very tasty and “highly rewarding” to the brain. This develops an addiction towards these foods which leads to over consumption.

processed food-01

By Karishma Boolani

(The author is the Head of the KOOH Sports Lab. She is a sport scientist who holds a science degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Melbourne and a Sport Science degree from Bond University. She was awarded a number of honors by the university including the Vice Chancellors Award, Deans Award and First in Class Award for academic excellence throughout her degree, and graduated at the top of her class. After graduating, she secured an internship at the Australian Institute of Sport, with the Australian Olympic U-19 BMX team. She gained further experience at the Bond Sport Science lab carrying out fitness assessments on the Australian Olympic Kayak Team)



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