About KOOH Sports

KOOH Sports is a young and an enthusiastic organisation striving to transform the way people perceive sports, health and fitness. Over the last 4 years, we have built a platform which promulgates the idea of fitness through sports and at the same time delivering outcome-oriented sports programmes to kids which effectuate this transformation.

Along the way, many stalwarts from different walks of life have associated with KOOH Sports. They have not only elevated the quality of the platform but shifted our thinking away from the stereotypes associated with sports towards understanding the full potential of sports.

Sports isn’t just about technical skills, athleticism and wins and losses. It’s much more.

  • It is scientific – Sports is built on Physics, Physiology and Psychology. To be a successful sportsperson also means having a deep understanding of these branches of Science
  • It is institutional – If you get a little creative, sports can be a great tool to teach a host of academic subjects and key life skills
  • It is remedial – Sports is proven to prevent a variety of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, obesity and even improve mental health
  • It is social – In an era where technology is slowly drifting people away from each other, Sports acts as a binder

Through this blog, we bring together a collection such ideas and perspectives from our stalwarts – our technical experts and leaders who will share their life’s work in sports with you through real on-ground stories, trivia, deliberation and pure science!


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